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  What is FeedWinder anyway?  
  FeedWinder is a newsfeed aggregation software for feeds offered in the RSS format.

The current incarnation is written in the JAVA language.

Its features include:
    - A GUI Client.
    - Near realtime scheduler for feed updates.
    - Feeds are updated in the background to keep the GUI responsive.
    - Feeds may be organized in groups.
    - The GUI may be operated using keys only.
    - Pluggable drivers for the parsing of feed data.
    - Http-proxy support for fetching the feeds.
    - Invokation of external browsers.
    - Support for different java look and feels.
    - The GUI's apperance may be somewhat customized.
FeedWinder is written by me, Rudolf A. Bolek and released under the GPL.

Currently the project is hosted on the very generous SourceForge.Net.